LaSalle  church of Christ

A place of worship and healing.

​​​1121 North Military Road

Niagara Falls, NY   14304

​​​​​​​Phone:  716-283-1214

Minister: ​Mark Dailey

What To Expect

A Cappella Singing
Non-instrumental congregational singing is a vital part of our worship. We sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts. 

Prayer is one of the most important and profound aspects of our worship.

 Bible Readings
The authority of the Bible is central to our faith and we believe there is power in hearing God's message read aloud in our services.

 Lord's Supper / Communion   (Matt. 26:26-28)
Instituted by Christ, this symbolic meal is the center of our worship time every Sunday.

During the Lord's Supper, trays of "bread" and "fruit of the vine" are passed after prayers for each are offered. These symbolize the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, respectively. 

Collection of Money   (I Cor. 16: 1-2)
Guests should not feel obligated to contribute. This is a chance for us to give a portion of our financial blessings to the work and ministries of Christ's church. Donations received will be used responsibly for God's work.

Preaching / Sermon
A Bible-based message will be given to inspire and motivate us in our faith.

The speaker is considered an equal brother-in-Christ and therefore does not wear any special robes or garments.

At the conclusion of the sermon, an opportunity to respond is extended to everyone.

The most common responses include requests to be baptized (forgiveness of sins through immersion in water), and prayers of the congregation.