Sunday Morning Bible Study              09:45 AM
Sunday Morning Worship                   11:00 AM

No Sunday PM Service.                       ------------

Ladies Tues. Bible study                   10:00 AM
Wednesday Evening Bible Study      7:00 PM

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​​Phone:  716-283-1214

​Mark Dailey, Minister

1121 North Military Road

Niagara Falls, NY   14304

LaSalle church of Christ

A place of worship and healing.

We are searching for a preacher.

Please see the Minister Search page.


Due to the COVID-19 situation all church services and activities are cancelled until it is deemed safe to meet.

God's Plan of Salvation  

 1. The great love of God for man (John 3:16)
 2. He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Savior (Luke 19:10)
 3. Sent the Holy Spirit as a guide (John 16:13)
 4. Gave the Gospel as "the power" unto salvation (Romans 1:16)
 5. Provided atonement by the blood of Christ (Romans 5:9)

 1. Hear the Gospel. (Romans 10:17, John 8:32, Luke 8:11-15)
 2. Believe the Gospel (Hebrews 11:6, John 20:31, John 8:24)
 3. Repent of past sins (Acts 17:30, Luke 13:3,5)
 4. Confess faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:10, Matthew 10:32-33)
 5. Be Baptized (Galatians 3:27, Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, Matt. 28:19)
 6. Be faithful unto death (Revelation 2:10)